Magic-Netic 360 MAXX (Starter Pack)

Onyx Black
Crimson Red
Orchid Purple

key specs magnetic charging MAXX series

The Most Innovative Universal USB Charger, better than ever:

  • 🌐 Compatible with ALL major devices: Charge all devices with Micro-USB, Type-C, and iDevices;
  • 🚀 Fast Charge & data transfer compatible: Can charge up to 4 times faster than any other regular chargers;
  • 🧲 Improved magnet: Stronger than ever, for a sturdy and secure fit;
  • 🦾 Reinforced rotating head: now with heatproof TPU to prevent any discomfort;

Package content

  • 1 Magic-Netic 360 MAXX Charging cable (3.3feet or 6.6feet);
  • 1 Micro USB compatible magnetic charging tip;
  • 1 Reversible Type-C USB compatible magnetic tip;
  • 1 iDevices compatible magnetic tip.
  • Duo Pack contains 2 of each tip (total=6).
  • Three Pack contains 3 of each tip (total=9).

Tech Specs

  • Available colors: Onyx Black / Crimson Red / Orchid Purple;
  • Available lenghts: 3.3ft (1M) / 6.6ft (2M);
  • Weight: 95oz. (28gr) / 2.01oz. (57gr);
  • Magnetic pin type: 5 pins rounded;
  • Max power output: 3A @18 Watt (5V/3A or 9V/2A);
  • MFI Certification: No;
  • Data transfer, car sync capable:Yes;
  • Ideal for: Flagship phones (fast charge compatible), tablets, any other devices.

Important note: Fast Charge

The Magic-Netic MAXX series is fully compatible with Samsung Fast-charge technology featured by the new Galaxies / Note phone range.

However, it does not support One Plus Dash/Warp Charge nor Huawei supercharge technology. Checkout out our PRO Series if you are looking for this specific technology.


Our Magic-Netic charging cables are compatible with all devices with a Micro-USB / USB-C or iDevices compatible charging port.

Example list of compatible phones

  • Apple: All iPhone, from iPhone 5;
  • Samsung: All Galaxy and Note series;
  • Huawei: All Mate, Y, and P series;
  • Motorola: All Moto G, E, and Z series;
  • LG: All G, X, K, and Q series;

Phone case compatibility

The magnetic tips are designed to be compatible with most regular phone cases available on the market. Unfortunately, it won't fit military-graded / rugged phone cases such as Otterbox Defender, Lifeguard, Lifeproof.

The New Way of Charging your Phone.

Mobile phones have significantly evolved over the past decade: Bigger screen, Better camera, slimmer bezel,...

But there is one thing that hasn't changed for a while: charging cable.

With our Magic-Netic cables, we wanted to give the well deserved upgrade to this part using cutting edge Micro-Magnet tech.

Fast-Charging is the New Normal.

Don’t let low battery slow down your journey.

Our MAXX series charging cables are Fast-charge 18W capable, meaning that it will charge up to 4 times faster than regular cables*.

This will make sure you’re always ready for the day ahead.

*Require a compatible smartphone & wall charger.

Ever tried to charge phone with One hand?

Regular charging cords always require both hands to be plugged in your phone.

This can get very tedious in many situations: while driving, while carrying a baby, or simply because of medical conditions like

Thanks to the powerful embedded magnet, this will no longer be a problem.

Finally, 1 cable for All Your Devices.

Using our Magic-Netic cables will make your life much easier when charging all your devices.

Our magnetic charging cables all come with 3 different tips, making it compatible with almost all USB powered devices.

Do you need extra magnetic tips to upgrade all your devices? Click below to buy them

Looking for Cheaper Alternative?

No need of advanced features such as Fast-Charge or Data Transfer?

Check out our Essential Series cable range and discover the joy of magnetic charging at competitive price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 155 reviews
Really Enjoying The Product

My phone is USB C and my headphones are MicroSD so it's awesome being able to charge both with just one cable. I feel like now I need to get extra cables for the car etc, its too handy! I also like that because of the magnet, my cord stays up on my desk when I'm not using it instead of falling on the floor. If I could change one thing, I'd like the cord to light up when plugged in since I am sensitive to light while sleeping and use my phone as my alarm clock. It isn't super bright but its still more than necessary.

Adam Torrie
It's cool I guess idk

It's cool I guess idk. The part that goes into my phone started to fall apart after like 3 times of use which is lame but it's cool I guess.

Micha B
I’m (cautiously) enjoying

I’m using the iPhone Xs Max with the pictured X-Doria case.

My current case allows me to insert the mag tip, but I must take off my case to remove the tip. I’ll return to this quickly.

First, I love it. Magnetic charging is fun, cool, and easy.

Second? I love the functionality of the swivel head, the gentle blue power indicator, and slick braided cable. It’s great.

Third… I’m cautiously enjoy the switchable tips. Why? Let’s talk.

As a clumsy dude, my concern is this I’ll either lose the tips or break them. My iPhone case fits the charge tip, but it bulges the rubber lip slightly. I’ve taken the case off and on without trouble so far, but I’m thinking it may be a matter of time ‘til the tip snaps INSIDE my phone. Irrational? I don’t think so.

If you’re needing to plug in aux adapter, use someone else's cable or feel like you may need to frequently remove the tip then keep those considerations in mind with the phone case.

If you’re someone who’s clumsy like me and think you’ll lose the tips, then thankfully they have products available to help you. I

Lastly, after looking online, other competitors are similarly priced. My advice to Magnilink would be to include the $4.99 rubber tip holder with cable and tips. You will outshine your competition easily without losing money. I will not spend $5 on a pure-profit maker accessory, but I will take a thank you when you see your sales soar past other identical mag tip of pivoting nylon braided charger cables on the market.

Seriously do it.

So, with these caveat in mind, enjoy!

Works as decribed

I wanted a charging cable that can work at different angles and being magnetic was bonus for quick disconnect. Using the 3 foot MAXX cable to attach to a lighting and audio adapter to my iPhone to listen to music and charge at the same time.. Will take it on a trip to see how it works out and may consider getting the 6 foot cable in the future.

Jay B.
I am getting more!!

I LOVE this!! I have one by my bed (pictured) and one in the living room by the couch! Now that I know just how great it works I need one for my car and a spare (for travel)