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The Ultimate Charging Solution.

Do you have a lot of devices to charge?

Struggling with messy cables lying on your desk?

Well, we have something for you.
It's called Magnilink™.

Scroll down below to discover our revolutionary charging system.

More devices, less clutter.

Could you Imagine a World where you will only need 1 cable to charge all your devices?

Impossible? That's not an option for us!

Magnilink is the perfect universal charger for decluttering your charging space, especially if you’re sick of dealing with multiple cables, just like us.

Charging With A Snap.

Snap your phone in place with a satisfying click, every time.

The precisely aligned and perfectly balanced magnets are so powerful, and so sleek that your devices will be drawn to it.

Little details, Big differences.

Crafted from the ground up with high quality material, our Magnilink magnetic chargers are unlike anything else out there.

Premium-grade Nylon braided cable.

Heatproof & Shock Resistant magnet cap.

N52-class Neodymium magnet.

Reinforced swivel head.

What our customers say

Over 1 200+ verified reviews, and counting.

Because 1 size does not fit all.

No matter your budget or your device, we’ve got you covered.

Built on delivering convenience, durability, and compatibility means that our product fits every need you may have.

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This will be your next favorite staple item in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have included in our starter pack 3 different tips that will fit virtually all USB powered devices.

No, they are different. Tips for ESSENTIAL Series have 1 connector, while the MAXX Series tips have 5 connectors. When ordering multiple cable, make sure it belongs to the same "Series".

We designed the magnetic tip to make it compatible with most phone case on the market.

However, we can guarantee full compatibility with rugged phone cases such as Otterbox Defender / Lifeproof Fre / Lifeguard, or any similar cases that offer "military grade" protection.

Our magnetic cables are 100% safe to use with your phone. It will never damage any components of your devices.

The magnet is designed to be just strong enough to attach the cable to your phone securely, no more. Such level of magnetism have no impact on your phone.

The MAXX & PRO Series are data transfer capable. This mean that it should work fine with in-car systems, including Carplay & Android Auto.

We offer a 12M limited warranty on all our products.

If your product appears to be faulty, we will replace it free of charge. Please contact us using the contact page. Don't forget to tell us your order number.

U.S. orders are shipped directly from our local warehouse located in Austin, TX. Average delivery time is 2 to 5 days. If the item is out of stock, we will ship it from the next closest warehouse to your address.

Please check out for non-US customers. We ship in Europe / UK / Australia / NZ.

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