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Discover the Magnetic Charging Revolution

With Magnilink, we want to say goodbye to the cable clutter by creating a 1-for-all charging solution for all your devices.

More devices, less clutter.

Magnilink is the perfect universal charger that can help declutter your workspace and save you from dealing with too many cables.

Charging In A Snap.

Our magnets are so powerful and so sleek that your phone will be drawn to them every time.

With precision-aligned and meticulously weighed magnets, snapping your phone to your Magnilink Charger will be so satisfying.

Snap & Charge!

Snap your phone in place with a satisfying click, every time.

The precisely aligned and perfectly balanced magnets are so powerful, and so sleek that your devices will be drawn to it.

Our 360° Cables

We don't do things by halves.

With Magnilink, we wanted to give you the best charging experience ever created.

When it comes to the basics, our cable may look the same as other brands. But in reality, we are not anything like them.

Ready to jump in?

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[NEW] Magnilink 360 PRO

The Ultimate Magnetic charging cable that brings convenience, durability, and 100W lightning-fast chargingto your everyday life.

Don't take our words for it.

Our customers love our cables!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products

Yes! All our cables come with a set of 3 different magnetic connectors (Micro USB, Type-C, iDevices) which make it compatible with virtually any devices.

Our Magnetic tips will fit with almost any phone case. However, you may have issue with super thick cases such as Otterbox Defender / Lifeproof FRE.

The MAXX Series cables are Fast-Charge compatible with the following standard: 18W (9V/2A) or 15W (5V/3A). The PRO Chargershold up to 100W charging!

We have released a new cable in the MAXX range optimized for Android Auto / CarPlay System. Check out the Magnilink MAXX.

Magnilink PROsupports 100W charging speed and USB Power Delivery Technology, allowing to charge any device at full speed (including laptop)

Magnilink MAXX supports up to 18W charging speed (which is enough for the majority of devices). It has a regular USB-A input connector.

No, they are not compatible. If you decide to upgrade from a MAXX cable to a PRO cable, you will need to use the PRO tips.

Our Policies

Our products are shipped from one of our warehouse located in the US.

Standard shipping: 3-5 days (excluding weekend and public holiday)

We also offer a Premium 2-DAY shipping option.

All our products are covered with a 30-DAY Money-back return and 1- YEAR FREE Replacement warranty.

You can earn money by recommending our products to your friends & family! Check out our Ambassador program for more info.

Yes! We have a dedicated store for ou non-US customers: