MAGNILINK Charging Cables

The ESSENTIAL Series cables are our 1st Gen cables. They will charge all your devices very conveniently thanks to the magnet technology. They are perfect starter cables at entry price level.

The MAXX Seriesare an upgraded version of our ESSENTIAL Series. They are Fast Charge compatible (up to 3.0A), can transmit data and work with in-car entertainment system such as Carplay & Android Auto (only for the 3.3ft length).

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Unfortunately not.

Although they look very similar, they are not sharing the same internal technology. It means that you won't be able to use a MAXX Series cable with an ESSENTIAL Series tip (and vice versa).

You will need to stick to the same Series if you want to use 1 single cable for all your devices.

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It's very easy.

If you look at the magnetic head of the charging cord, you will see that ESSENTIAL Series cables have 1 single yellow pin, while the MAXX Series cables have 3 to 5 yellow pins.

Same applies for the magnetic tips: ESSENTIAL Series tips have 1 yellow circle in it, while the MAXX Series tips have 5 little circles in it.

Yes ! This makes the ideal replacement of the good old' Magsafe.

Magic-Netic ONE are USB-C Power delivery compatible (up to 60W.

The input connector has an embedded USB-A to USB-C converter, which allow you to use this cable to any charger (including USB-C fast chargers)

We designed the magnetic tip to make it compatible with most phone case on the market.

However, we can guarantee full compatibility with rugged phone cases such as Otterbox Defender / Lifeproof Fre / Lifeguard, or any similar cases that offer "military grade" protection.

Our Essential Series cables are capable to charge at maximum 12W charging speed, which is the regular charging speed of most phones on the market.

If your phone or tablet seems to charge slowly, or if you see a "slow charging" message, it would mean it requires a more powerful cable.

In this case, we would strongly recommend you to go for our MAXX or PRO Series cables. These are Fast-charging compatible and can hold higher current (18W for the MAXX, 60W for the PRO Series).

Using our magnet is 100% safe to use with your phone. It will never damage any components of your devices.

The magnet is designed to be just strong enough to attach the cable to your phone securely, no more. Such level of magnetism have no impact on your phone.


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