Magnilink 360 PRO - MEGA Pack (2 cables)

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Dive into the ultimate charging experience with our Mega Pack. This comprehensive bundle includes 2 Magnilink 360 PRO cables in two convenient sizes, along with a diverse set of magnetic tips and accessories. 

  • 1x Magnilink 360 PRO - 1M (3.3ft)
  • 1x Magnilink 360 PRO - 1.8M (6ft)
  • 2x Type-C tips
  • 2x Apple Lightning tips
  • 2x Micro USB tips
  • 2x Clip-on tips-holder
  • 2x USB-C to USB-A adapters

⚠️ Not compatible with Magnilink MAXX connectors.

Color: Onyx Black