Magnilink 360 (1st Generation)

Color: Onyx Black
Onyx Black
Crimson Red
Orchid Purple
Length: 3.3ft (1M)
Bundle: One
key specs magnetic charging essential series

The popular Universal Charging solution for all your USB devices.

  • 🌐 1 cable for all: No need to look for that specific cable;
  • 🔄 Swivel design head Bend the connector in any direction thanks to the 360° rotating head;
  • 🧲 Improved Magnet for a strong and secure hold;
  • 💪 Built to last long: Military-grade nylon braid and pure copper core.

Magnetic Tips are compatible with all Essential Series chargers.


Package content

  • 1 Magic-Netic 360 Charging cable (3.3feet or 6.6feet);
  • 1 Micro USB compatible magnetic charging tip;
  • 1 Reversible Type-C USB compatible magnetic tip;
  • iDevices compatible magnetic tip.
  • Duo Pack contains 2 of each tip (total=6).
  • Three Pack contains 3 of each tip (total=9).

Tech Specs

  • Available colors: Onyx Black / Crimson Red / Orchid Purple;
  • Available lenghts: 3.3ft (1M) / 6.6ft (2M);
  • Weight: 89oz. (25gr) / 1.95oz. (55gr);
  • Magnetic pin type: 1 pin rounded;
  • Max power output: 2.4A @ 12W (5V/2.4A);
  • Quick Charge mode: Not compatible. Please check our MAXX Series;
  • MFI Certification: no;
  • Data transmission, Car Sync: Not compatible;
  • Ideal for: Non-Fast-charge smartphones, USB accessories, small tablets, e-readers.

Important note: Charging speed

Our ESSENTIAL Series range can charge at a max of 12W, which is the regular charging speed for most devices. You may observe a slower charging experience for some higher-end devices.

If you are looking for Fast charging cables, we suggest you go for our Magic-Netic MAXX or PRO series. These cables will be capable to hold higher power output.


Our Magic-Netic charging cables are compatible with all devices with a Micro-USB / USB-C or iDevices compatible charging port.

Example list of compatible phones

  • Apple: All iPhone, from iPhone 5;
  • Samsung: All Galaxy and Note series;
  • Huawei: All Mate, Y, and P series;
  • Motorola: All Moto G, E, and Z series;
  • LG: All G, X, K, and Q series;

Phone case compatibility

The magnetic tips are designed to be compatible with most regular phone cases available on the market. Unfortunately, it won't fit military-graded / rugged phone cases such as Otterbox Defender, Lifeguard, Lifeproof.

The New Way of Charging your Phone.

Mobile phones have significantly evolved over the past decade: Bigger screen, Better camera, slimmer bezel,...

But there is one thing that hasn't changed for a while: charging cable.

With our Magic-Netic cables, we wanted to give the well deserved upgrade to this part using cutting edge Micro-Magnet tech.

Straight or Angled cable? Let's have both.

Let be honest: Using your phone while charging with a regular cable can get tedious, especially while Youtube-ing or playing games.

Our Magic-Netic 360 models are built with an innovative bending head that can swivel in any direction while charging.

By combining Micro-magnets and this bending head, we give you the best charging cable ever created.

Our difference: Quality.

Our main focus while manufacturing these cables was to give you the most durable magnetic charging cable ever built.

As such, we have made no compromises on the material used:

N-52 Grade Neodymium magnets, Pure Copper core, High resistance nylon braid.

You will immediately feel the difference if you have used similar cables before.

Finally, 1 cable for All Your Devices.

Using our Magic-Netic cables will make your life much easier when charging all your devices.

Our magnetic charging cables all come with 3 different tips, making it compatible with 99% of phones & accessories.

Do you need extra magnetic tips to upgrade all your devices? Click below to buy them

Fast-Charge cable needed?

Many of you missed the Fast-Charge feature not available in our Original Series cables.

We heard you.

Available NOW: Magic-Netic MAXX Series. Compatible with Fast-Charge (18W) & Data transmission