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Package content

Every starter pack* comes with:

> 1 Magnilink Cable

> 3 Magnetic heads (of of each type)

> 1 easy-lift tip remover

*NOTE: The package content may slightly differ if you have ordered special bundle. For most of the cases, you should have at least a cables and 3 tips.

Installation steps

STEP 1. Find the right magnetic tip.

Most USB device connectors are either :

> Micro USB (Example: Kindle reader, power banks)

> Type-C (used on most Android phones)

> iOS (Used on iPhone and small iPads)

We have included in our starter pack 1 of each of these connector to make sure you can use our cables with virtually any USB devices.

STEP 2. Clean the port

The phone charging port tends to accumulate dirt and dust over time, causing weak connection and unstable charging speed.

Therefore, we always recommend to clean the connector before plugging in the magnetic tips.

To do that, you can use a toothpick or a compressed air duster. Please be careful when doing this to avoid permanent damages.

(you will be surprised what you can find inside those tiny ports...)

STEP 3. Plug the right magnetic tip.

Once you have identified the right magnetic connector and made sure the port is free of dirt, you can insert the tip in your devices.

You should hear a "click" noise when plugging in the connector, meaning that it's securely connected to your device.

STEP 4. Connect the Charger!

Now that your device has been "Magnilink-ified", you can use the Magnilink chargers to charge all your devices.

How to safely unplug the cable from your devices

To avoid putting too much pressure on the magnet, we strongly advise to unplug it in an angle, not straight off the device.

Troubleshooting guide

My cable does not charge my device.

The first thing to do is to make sure that

  • The magnetic is fully plugged in your device.
  • You have tried to test with another wall charger.
  • Your wall charger is powerful enough (especially if the cable never worked).
If it does not help, please perform the following steps:
  1. Restart your phone.
  2. Unplug the magnetic connector
  3. Attach the magnetic connector directly to the cable.
  4. Insert the cable with the magnetic tip on it directly to the device.
If the issue persists and you still can't charge your device with the magnetic cable, please reach us at

Question? Contact us!

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