Magnilink 360 MAXX

Color: Onyx Black
Onyx Black
Mint Green
Orchid Purple
Crimson Red
Length: 3.3 Feet
Bundle: 1-Pack
Works with all devices
Strong magnet


WORKS WITH ALL DEVICES: Use 1 universal cable to charge all your devices thanks to the innovative magnetic detachable head system.

CONVENIENT TO USE: The precisely aligned round magnet will connect to your device in a snap.

FAST CHARGE & DATA READY: This upgraded version is now compatible with Fast Charging (3A) and can sync with your laptop or your car.

BUILT TO LAST: With its military-grade nylon braid and the reinforced swivel, you will keep it for a long time.

IMPROVED MAGNET: The N-52 grade Neodymium magnet will ensure a sturdy and secure connexion.

THE MAGNILINK GUARANTEE: All our products are covered with a 12M warranty and 30-day money-back return.


  • FUNCTION: Charge, transfer data, sync with your car (including Android Auto / Carplay)
  • OUTPUT CONNECTOR: round magnetic 5 pins.
  • AVAILABLE TIPS: Type-C USB, Micro USB, "iDevice" (non-MFI certified)
  • MAX CURRENT OUTPUT: 18W (9V/2.0A) or 15W (5V/3.0A)
  • WEIGHT: 0.85 Oz. (3.3ft), 1.52 Oz. (6.6ft)


Every single pack contains:

  • 1* Magnetic charging cable
  • 1* Type-C USB magnetic tip
  • 1* Micro USB magnetic tip
  • 1* iDevice compatible magnetic tip
  • 1* Easy-lift tips remover

Note: You will get 1 set of these accessories PER cable ordered.

Charging your devices just got better.

Mobile phones has changed a lot over the past decade: Bigger, Faster, Stronger, ...

On the other side, our good old' charging cable hasn't moved an inch: still very basic and fragile.

With Magnilink 360, we wanted to bring a true upgrade to charging cable thanks to the magnetic technology.

Fast mode: Activated.

Our MAXX range are now upgraded with Fast-Charge Capabilities.

It means that it will charge just as fast as your regular charging cable (up to 18W or 3A).

Now you don't need to decide between charging speed and practicality of the magnetic charging experience.

Safer to use while driving.

Plugging in a standard charging cable in your phone while driving can get very tedious... and dangerous!

With our instant-snap magnetic technology, you will now be able magnetically plug your charger in your phone while keeping an eye on the road.

Truly universal.

Our charging cables all come with 3 tips: 1 Type-C USB, 1 Micro USB, and 1 for your 🍏 devices.

You will basically have everything you need to upgrade your home devices to the Magnilink level.