Magic-Netic ONE (Starter Pack)

Onyx Black
Crimson Red
Orchid Purple
Red / Black / Purple

key specs magnetic charging ONE series

Magic-Netic ONE, our most powerful magnetic charging cable ever created.

  • 1 Cable for all: Attach the magnetic tip to all your devices and charge them all with 1 unique charging cable;
  • Truly universal: can be used in a regular or USB-C power plug thanks to the embedded input adapter;
  • USB Power Delivery 60W: Charge your USB-PD powered laptop (Macbook, Surface) or high-end tablets with this charger;
  • Fast Charge + Data sync Charge all your devices at lightning speed and sync your phone with your laptop or your car;
  • Phone case-friendly: Works with most phone cases on the market thanks to its slim profile magnetic tip.

Package content

  • 1 Magic-Netic ONE Universal Charging cable (3.3feet or 6.6feet);
  • 1 Micro USB compatible magnetic charging tip;
  • 1 Reversible Type-C USB compatible magnetic tip;
  • 1 iDevices compatible magnetic tip.
  • Duo Pack contains 2 of each tip (total=6).
  • Three Pack contains 3 of each tip (total=9).

Tech Specs

  • Available colors: Onyx Black / Crimson Red / Orchid Purple;
  • Available lenghts: 3.3ft (1M) / 6.6ft (2M);
  • Weight: 1.24oz. (35gr) / 2.12oz. (60gr);
  • Magnetic pin type: 6 pins rectangular;
  • Max power output: 60 Watt (20V/3A);
  • Data transmission, Car Sync: Compatible;
  • MFI Certification: No;
  • Ideal for: High-end tablets and phones, USB PD powered laptop (Macbook, Dell XPS, ...)

Our Magic-Netic charging cables are compatible with all devices with a Micro-USB / USB-C or iDevices compatible charging port.

Example list of compatible phones

  • Apple: All iPhone, from iPhone 5;
  • Samsung: All Galaxy and Note series;
  • Huawei: All Mate, Y, and P series;
  • Motorola: All Moto G, E, and Z series;
  • LG: All G, X, K, and Q series;

Example list of compatible Laptops & Tablets

  • Apple: iPad Pro (USB-C); Macbook Air (2020), Macbook Pro (from 2018);
  • Samsung: Galaxy Tab Pro;
  • Dell: XPS 13, 15;
  • ASUS: Zenbook 3;
  • Lenovo: Thinkpad X1, Yoga;
  • Google: Pixelbook;

Phone case compatibility

The magnetic tips are designed to be compatible with moth regular phone cases available on the market. Unfortunately, it won't fit military-graded / rugged phone cases such as Otterbox Defender, Lifeguard, Lifeproof.

This is Magic-Netic ONE.

Magic-Netic ONE is by far the most powerful Magnetic Charging cable ever created.

Created specifically for our enthusiast customers that are looking for cutting-edgeperformance to charge all their electronic gear.


The true universal charging cable.

Transform your regular USB input to an USB-C port in no time with to the embedded USB-A to C adapter. 

This will let you use this magnetic charging cable with any charger available.

The other end of the cable is made with our popular magnetic charging technology, which allow you to use the cable with any devices: Smartphones, tablets, and even compatible laptops !

Always ready, even on the roads.

Audio car-sync, Carplay, Android Auto, ... All these new great technologies are making our daily commute much more convenient.

Magic-Netic ONE can be used to charge your phone and sync with your in-car entertainment system*

Missing MagSafe? You will like this.

Magic-Netic ONE is a true alternative of the good old MagSafe charging ports that combines convenience and safety. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Mike D
Eliminate the clutter

Using this car allows me to charge multiple devices with convenience. I don't need 3 separate cables hanging on my desk anymore.

Brian Bellissimo
Love the cable.

Great for my car to quickly connect and disconnect. I will be ordering more.

It works but not the best.

Some days it works great, then other days not so much. I have also been unable to get the the USB-C part of the cable to work by itself so far.

Solomon Dy
Its a hit and miss

I like this product. Before when I was in a rush I would grab my phone and pull the cord off the plug, not anymore with this. The 6ft cable is perfect. The magnet is strong, but wish it was just a bit stronger, it disconnect too easy sometimes. The USB-C port is now protected from all the dust, and lint from my pockets. Now the bad. Fast/super fast charging not working and Android Auto not conectting . The first few days the super fast charging would work and it said "Super Fast Charging" on my phone. Now it just charges at a normal speed. Android Auto keep saying to use another cable to connect. Its not a big deal, because I don't really use Android Auto that much.

Maggie Deegan
A solid piece of equipment

I like the length of the cord. It does exactly what it says it will do. My only complainst are that it is difficult to get the USB tip out of the way enough to plug the USB-C into my charging plug. It's connected by a little dongle, so the tip doesn't run away, but the dongle gets in the way just enough that I couldn't get a good connection. The second complaint is the LED that lights up when the charger is plugged in is blue, and when I'm using it in a dark room or really hurts my eyes. We know blue light can disrupt sleep, so a really bright blue LED seems like a curious choice. I would much prefer a red light.

But it's a solid cord, the braiding will hold up much better than a traditional soft plastic one. The magnet is relatively strong.