Magic-Netic 360 GLOW (Starter Pack)

Neon Red
Neon Blue
Neon Green

key specs magnetic charging essential series

Charging your devices have never been so fun with our newest magnetic charger: Magic-Netic 360 Glow.

  • 🌐 1 cable for all: No need to look for that specific cable;
  • 🌈 Flow LED Technology for Mesmerising flow animation while charging;
  • 🧲 Improved Magnet for a strong secure hold;
  • 💪 Reinforced Swivel with heatproof ABS.

Magnetic Tips are compatible with all Essential Series chargers.


Package content

  • 1 Magic-Netic 360 Glow Charging cable (3.3feet or 6.6feet);
  • 1 Micro USB compatible magnetic charging tip;
  • 1 Reversible Type-C USB compatible magnetic tip;
  • 1 iDevices compatible magnetic tip.

Tech Specs

  • Available colors: Neon Blue / Neon Green / Neon Red / Rainbow;
  • Available lenghts: 3.3ft (1M) / 6.6ft (2M);
  • Weight: 89oz. (25gr) / 1.95oz. (55gr);
  • Magnetic pin type: 1 pin rounded;
  • Max power output: 2.4A @12 Watt (5V / 2.4A);
  • Quick Charge mode: Not compatible. Please check our MAXX Series;
  • MFI Certification: No;
  • Data transmission, Car Sync: Not compatible;
  • Ideal for: Non-Fast-charge smartphones, USB accessories, small tablets, e-readers.

Important note: Charging speed

Our ESSENTIA Series range can charge at a max of 12W, which is the regular charging speed for most devices. You may observe a slower charging experience for some higher-end devices.

If you are looking for Fast charging cables, we suggest you go for our Magic-Netic MAXX or PRO series. These cables will be capable to hold higher power output.


Our Magic-Netic charging cables are compatible with all devices with a Micro-USB / USB-C or iDevices compatible charging port.

Example list of compatible phones

  • Apple: All iPhone, from iPhone 5;
  • Samsung: All Galaxy and Note series;
  • Huawei: All Mate, Y, and P series;
  • Motorola: All Moto G, E, and Z series;
  • LG: All G, X, K, and Q series;

Phone case compatibility

The magnetic tips are designed to be compatible with most regular phone cases available on the market. Unfortunately, it won't fit military-graded / rugged phone cases such as Otterbox Defender, Lifeguard, Lifeproof.

The Coolest cord ever built.

Let be honest: regular charging cables are not so fun.

While mobile phones have drastically evolved over the past decades, charging cords haven't evolved an inch.

We wanted to change this.

With our 360 GLOW Series, we took the best our most popular products and put some magic in it.

Plug it in your phone and see the hypnotizing Flow LED technology in action.

When Beauty meets Function.

This is not just a good looking cord, it's more than that.

The unique swivel head design that makes our cables so popular is now available on our GLOW series. You can now enjoy using your phone with full freedom.

Once you go swivel, you never come back.

Heavy-Lifting Capable 🏋️‍♂️.

Having a cool glowing cord does not mean that it needs to be handled with kid gloves.

We used TPU grade premium plastic to protect all the circuits from any risk of tearing or breaking.

Once unboxed, you will instantly notice how good it is crafted.

Beauty in Simplicity.

The best part of this cable is its unique freedom and simplicity of use.

Thanks to the magnetic charging technology, this cable will let you charge any device with only one cable.

Our wide range of tips (included in the starter pack) will let you charge 99% of devices you can find in retail.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Awesome getting two more!

I love them make sure to get the swivel one if yu game

Erik Khatcherian
im sold

Pro: I like the cables and the easy functionality.
Con: We need type C-C cables and superfast lightning speed charging cables.

Robert Welch

This cable is pretty when it lights up but most of the time it doesn't work, thats because it gets a little piece of dust on it and that makes it break the connection. I have purchased 3 of the different ones and out of all 3 this is the one that works the best. But I wouldn't purchase again. I have given away these and gone back to my old charger so I can be assured that my phone is charged when I get up in the morning. These take a long time to charge my phone compared to my old charger that came with my phone.


I like my glow charger cord, however I don’t like the fact that the plug on it is different than my regular magnetic cord I got from y’all. Now if I want to switch cords I have to switch the plugs too or it won’t work.

Kazz Jones

the cords pretty cool and I love the magnet in the way it can move around and bend without me worried about messing up the cord but it doesn't really charge any better than any other cord I've had still nice though